In 1971 I began keeping sketch book diaries that translated daily activities into complex psycho-dramas. Over a period of time I learned how to transition my state of mind into a world filled with my own form of visual language. This visual language has its roots in the choice of key connections that I use to relate experiences and emotions.  I try to find elements and objects that go beyond my personal experiences, and offer an association, foundation or gut feeling to draw the viewer into the scenario.  Combinations of objects represent a visual text that links ideas, moods and emotions. This method of reassembling experience into a personal visual scenario eventually made the transition into my paintings.

The Voice of the Prophet, 1996, 25.5"x19.5", color pencil, ink, and acrylic on toned paper

Mi Corazon (Cradle to the Grave) 1996,  25.5"x19.5", Color Pencil, Ink, and Acrylic on Toned Paper